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Lucas’ story: Finding his feet in J-Club

16 June 2017 Stories of hope

Lucas' storyAs Lucas Cree lifts himself from his wheelchair, he is wobbly and relies on the handrail at first, but soon gains balance and confidence.

It has been a long journey for this former car thief who was left paralysed when a friend on ice beat Lucas and left him for dead on his lounge room floor. He survived, but lost the use of his legs.

After leaving hospital, Lucas first lived in a nursing home where he shared a room with three elderly men. It was cramped, he had no support and his condition did not improve.

When he arrived at Wesley Woodward - a residence for young people living with disability in western Sydney - his independence had been so diminished he could not prepare a simple meal or go to the toilet by himself. Today, in the unit he shares with another young resident, the crumbs on the bench and the full fridge are a testament to their growing independence. The encouragement and care of the Wesley Woodward staff has made all the difference and given Lucas a new outlook on life.

Through it all, Lucas’ faith has remained central. It was important to him to be able to worship so J-Club - a weekly meet up with Wesley Mission’s Pastor Don Walker where residents sing and read the Bible - has been an integral part of his recovery journey.

Wesley Mission has always been about serving the whole person, focusing not only on a person’s physical needs, but also addressing their spiritual and social needs.