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The voices of homelessness

There is no ‘one size fits all’ picture of homelessness—it can happen to anyone, at any time of their life. We’re privileged to be able to support many individuals and families in the search to find a place to call home again.

Veronica’s story: Exposing the vulnerability of older women to homelessness

Veronicas story 1When Veronica suddenly became homeless she was at a loss, finding herself up against numerous obstacles. Having worked all her life she was not deemed as needing ‘help’ from government services, and, when savings dwindled, was unable to withdraw from her superannuation account. With rent prices sky high, Veronica feared she would be stuck in the cycle of ‘no home—no job’ until she began living at emergency accommodation facility, Wesley Edward Eager Lodge, which helped her to get back on her feet.

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The many roads to homelessness

From domestic violence to sickness, there are an infinite number of circumstances that can lead to homelessness, as you will see from the variety of experiences below:

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